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It's Just A Mucsle
A musical autobiography

Meiron Egger was born and raised in Israel, in a small village in the desert. The show "It's Just A Muscle" weaves Meiron's story through songs he wrote along the way. It's the story of a kid growing up in a left wing, but very patriotic neighborhood, and how one small incident in a tank on the hills of Nablus, Palestine, sent him on a deep journey of questioning the most fundamental truths he was raised on. A show about love, fear, wounds, and healing.

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The payment for the concert you will be invited to pay for the concert at the end of the concert, and you get to choose how much you want to pay (recommended per person - $22-$55. Cash is always preferred)

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As for the beautiful request of next show's host, prior to the show we'll gather to talk about "holding complexity". We will share our feelings about this time when we're expected to always choose one-sided narrative, and how it feels to hold the complexity of multiple narratives.

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If you want to join this conversation please show up just before 6pm.
If you're only interested in the show, please show up just before 8pm.



​​Next show: 6.20.2024 - El Cerrito
Click here for details and sign up

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