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It's Just A Muscle

7.28.2024 El-Sobrante



What the show is about?

Meiron was born and raised in Israel,

in a small village in the desert. The show

"It's Just A Muscle" weaves Meiron's story

through songs he wrote along the way.

It's the story of a kid growing up in a left

wing, but very patriotic neighborhood,

and how one small incident in a tank

on the hills of Nablus, Palestine, sent him

on a deep journey of questioning the

most fundamental truths he was raised on.

This show is about love and pain, fear

and hope, wounds and healing.



What's the plan?

Gathering at 7.30pm for tea and mingling
(and if tea is too nerdish for you, feel
free to BYOB). We encourage you

to bring your own mug, so we can

help mother earth



Saturday, July 28.

The concert will begin 7.30pm,

and is around 85 minuets.



Fill in the form, and an

email with the exact address
will be sent one day before the show.

Tickets ??

No need.

You'll be invited to pay for the concert

at the end, whatever you are move to pay.

Yes - Pay as much as your heart desires
(recommended per person: $25-$55)


Signup if you want to attend:

I'm signing up on behalf


See you soon

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