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It's Just A Muscle

6.20.2024 El-Cerrito


Message from the host:

Dear Friends,


I would like to invite you to a social and musical gathering at my house in El Cerrito on Thursday evening 6/20; 5:30- 20:00 PM

Following the horrors of October 7th and the war that has been raging since, so many wonderful communities and actions have popped up. At first I felt supported and excited. But almost immediately the troubles began: Because I firmly oppose this war but do not call for the destruction of Israel, I seemed to have closed the door on my ability to participate in many Jewish and Israeli spaces, who I longed for, on the one hand but was scared and unable to participate in Leftie spaces which I thought of as safe, on the other. 

One of my friends described a feeling of being orphaned. 


Meiron Egger, an Israeli singer songwriter, made his living in the past few years offering song circle events for the Bay Area Israeli community.  Since October he has felt unwelcome in many of these circles due to his firm objection to the occupation and the war crimes committed in our names. Meiron will be playing his autobiographical songs, in English translation, in the second part of our meeting. More info here


If your experience has been similar, please join us for an evening of conversation about our personal and communal ways of dealing: how we stay true to our truths while being open to the pain of others, how we deal with self righteousness and ignorance, anti-Semitism and racism without becoming cynical. 

After talking (and eating), around 8 PM Meiron will play his music. As this is his way to make a living, he will ask for a donation (recomended: 25-50 per person).. 


Please join for one or both parts of the evening. Please share with friends who might feel a similar feeling. This evening is my attempt to contribute to the many ways in which people have come together to support each other in these times. 


Please follow this link to register, my address will be emailed to you so please check your email!



Looking forward to seeing you on June 20nd at 6:00 PM



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