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Hello you all


So the show will be tomorrow, Saturday, in Sebastopol


It will take place in a community house at:

680 Robinson Rd

Sebastopol, CA


But the parking is at the church nearby

(2 minutes walk):
500 Robinson Rd,

Sebastopol, CA


The show will start at ~730pm, and is ~80mins long, and I'll be happy if you can be phone-free once the show starts


Payment in the hat at the end of the show. Recommended: 25-52$ but I really mean it when I say that you should pay as much as your heart desires 


 There's a self service tea/coffee, and if you feel like being more wild, feel free to BYOB. We'll bring disposable cups, but you're welcome to bring your own mug (do you know that April 22nd is earth day?).

See you very very soon


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